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Working with AnamCara Bowen practicing Psychophonetics

quotes openIn retrospect, looking back on the wishes and new intentions that were born out of the sessions with AnamCara, I can see that there has been a development in my intention as it is becoming more focused and refined. I have experienced in AnamCara a true companion in my own process of exploration that has helped me to look at my feelings and emotions that have either been unbearable or overwhelming me, with more objectivity.

Out of this has arisen a sense of wishing to create a freer place in myself to the way I respond to certain situations that trigger particular reactions.

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In love and gratitude, Dancer


quotes openMy sessions with AnamCara allowed me to connect with issues that have been dodged and alluring me for many years. She made me welcome and physically comfortable at the start of each session. In a safe nurturing environment, she was able to give me the confidence to connect with these issues, perceive underlying facts/truths that I had not been able to understand for myself before.

I found the therapy intriguing and it proved stimulating for me to view my issues from another perspective. I liked the combination of inner contemplation of the issues with solution-based work. I found the movement work very helpful, somewhat painful and transformative. I loved the wish work at the end of the conversation, which brought a welcome lightness to close this part of the session. AnamCara was the right facilitator, at the right time for me. I am now making and connecting with changes in my life I have wanted for at least 13 years.

I have found her to be genuine and caring in her contacts with me. I think highly of her and the work she does.

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quoteThese sessions came about partly as a result of my friendship and respect for you and the work you are doing, and then personally because of my relationship to food and dieting.

I have eaten when tired, angry, lonely etc, bingeing and continually putting on weight. I have felt fat since becoming a teenager and often feel as though I am eating myself to death.

Exploring this issue and despairing at my lack of self-control was the issue I brought to my first session.

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Beautiful Mother.


quotes openAnamCara is deeply versed in the methodology of Psychophonetics and brings to it great human warmth and intuition. I recommend her to anyone for the wide knowledge which she has made very much her own.”

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quotes openPsychophonetics has provided me with the safe environment I needed to explore some extremely difficult and painful areas of my life, enabling me to see things differently and to move forward with increased confidence.quote close