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Why Choose Psychophonetics?

Challenges, crisis and ongoing dissatisfaction can be explored creating opportunity for further self-development.

Psychophonetics counselling provides a foundation for you to reclaim your inner strength and wisdom.

It encourages you to become independent and in charge of your life, offering you practical tools for your on-going process.

It can offer support through transition and life changes.

Vocation, health, stress and anxiety, abuse, eating disorders/weight issues, bereavement and loss, relationship issues, addiction, depression, anger, lack of confidence and self worth, are some of the reasons you may want to come for counselling.

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How Does Psychophonetics Work?

In every session we will converse to deepen your understanding of the issue presented, bringing underlying patterns into focus. Enhanced self knowledge will lead you to make a new choice in the form of a wish or intention, which leads to the full Psychophonetics process called the Action Phase.

This Action Phase will explore a specific moment from your recent life, which exemplifies the underlying pattern you wish to understand. This moment is explored through sensing the body memory and activating the inner experience.

Internal dynamics and characters will be identified, enabling you to see how the patterns, underlying your issue, work. Psychophonetics’ therapeutic approach uses gesture, movement, visualisation and sounds of human speech to explore what up until now has remained unconscious.

Untapped potential, deeper personal identity, creativity, intelligence and healing become available through this process affecting personal change.

My intention is to offer a limited number sessions, which will facilitate wellbeing and independence in the shortest possible time. It is usual for clients to come for between 4 and 6 sessions, however a single session can also be very effective.


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