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You will be welcomed in to a safe, warm and confidential environment in which to explore your issue. I currently see clients in Stroud, Swansea and London.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Psychophonetics Counselling and Coaching. I am also qualified in Holistic Massage and can offer this as a separate therapy. I am a member of the International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners.

I am currently developing my own methodology with Massage and Psychophonetics Sound Healing.

I have worked in various residential and educational settings offering support to client groups with special needs and emotional difficulties.

For several years I worked for an organisation in London as a life coach deepening my interest in personal development.

I have also trained in Bothmer Gymnastics and Spatial Dynamics movement.

What is Psychophonetics?

Psychophonetics is a modality of counselling and coaching using a psychotherapeutic approach for personal development and transformation.

It views the human being as body, soul and spirit. It facilitates building a deeper foundation of self-knowledge bringing a new level of consciousness to personal experience.

It explores current experiences, memories and patterns of behaviour and can offer new resources for action and creativity in the world. This form of holistic counselling encourages you to take deep leadership of your life. Yehuda Tagar founded Psychophonetics in 1991.

What are the Potential Benefits?

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